Courses and family homestay

Looking for an immersive French language learning environment? CAVILAM’s home-stay French courses are for you.

The CAVILAM French language school offers you exceptional opportunities to learn and improve your French through its language courses and family home-stay accommodation options. With nearly five decades’ of experience in teaching French as a foreign language, the school’s approach is tried and tested among French-learning courses in France. CAVILAM has a network of carefully chosen families who are happy to host you and who have signed a Quality Charter to ensure the standard of the service you will receive. Combining your French language courses and family home-stay accommodation is an excellent way of ensuring that you practise your French day and night.

Not only this, but CAVILAM home-stay French courses also provide you with a unique way of becoming immersed in the French way of life, an invaluable part of your language-learning experience. During your home-stay French course you will spend time with a real French family in their everyday life, learning about French life and culture from the inside as you learn the language. And, considering that tests like the DELF and DALF assess candidates’ communicative skills in real situations, a home-stay experience offers you unparalleled practice for your DELF exam preparation.

If you wish to have a well-rounded French experience, a home-stay program in France is the best way of doing this. Although some feel a sense of culture shock if the French daily life is very different from what they are used to, most find the overall experience deeply enriching and many come away from a total immersion course in France having gained more than mere linguistic skills. Consider a CAVILAM home-stay program in France if this kind of holistic cultural encounter is what you are after, and if you would like to “live French” as you study French.


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