French language courses in france

Looking to improve your French? CAVILAM offers intensive French language courses in Vichy.

CAVILAM is a language school offering top quality French language courses in France. With nearly 4000 students from around the world each year, the school has a reputation for originality and innovation in teaching French as a foreign language. CAVILAM is an intensive French language school founded in 1964 by the universities of Clermont-Ferrand and the municipality of Vichy. Located in the famous town of Vichy, the school offers students a special language learning experience that takes place in an authentic French region. If you’re looking for excellent French language courses in France, CAVILAM is for you.

Students benefit from taking French language courses in Vichy for a number of reasons. Besides the genuine French surroundings, CAVILAM provides first-rate facilities and training. Teachers are qualified language educators, trained to help you improve your communicative skills in various ways, such as learning French with francophone TV. The school itself is notable for its state of the art equipment and the technological resources it offers students who are taking French language courses on its Vichy campus. Besides intensive, super-intensive and one-on-one courses, CAVILAM also runs programs that combine French lessons with leisure activities such as golfing, spa treatments and immersion in French cuisine, including cooking workshops and lectures.

CAVILAM’s French language courses in Vichy, France don’t merely offer students unparalleled learning environments; they also provide them with opportunities for official certification of their French language ability. Courses offered include courses designed to aid learners in their DELF test preparation by developing their communicative skills in authentic situations and using authentic documents. CAVILAM is also an accredited DELF, DALF, TEF and TCF examination centre, so candidates are able to take these exams during their learning programs. Because CAVILAM’s French language courses are in Vichy, France, students hone their communication abilities in real-world French surroundings.

If you are seeking French language courses in France for teenagers, CAVILAM also has unique options for you. The school runs a series of Young Learners’ Courses during the summer holidays.
These are summer camps in France with a difference: exciting morning lessons to improve French language ability are combined with sporting and outdoor activities in the afternoons. These activities include everything from tennis and golf to rafting, mountain biking and tree climbing. Full board and lodging is supplied (separate rooms for boys and girls), as well as adult supervision, ensuring that CAVILAM French language courses in France for teenagers combine learning and fun in a safe but exciting environment.

Besides these Young Learners’ Courses, CAVILAM also runs a series of adult-focused French language courses in France over the summer. Our Master of French as a foreign language program takes place as a summer school. The language school also offers intensive French classes – on both a group and one-on-one basis – which have more specified aims than our general year-round programs. These include preparation for French university study and the cultural environment (B2 level required), as well as summer French language courses in France that develop skills in speciality subjects such as economy, literature, medical French, legal French, hotel and tourist industry French and more (B1 level required).

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