Delf exam

Do you need to take the French DELF exam? CAVILAM offers unique opportunities to study and prepare in France.

CAVILAM is a non-profit French language school where nearly 4000 students from all around the world come each year to study French and take official tests such as the DELF exam. Founded in 1964 by the universities of Clermont-Ferrand and the municipality of Vichy, CAVILAM offers students a unique environment in which to undertake intensive French courses in France. Located in Vichy, famous as a spa town since ancient times, CAVILAM allows students to study French in an authentic French setting. This enables them to develop and practise the real-world communication skills required for the DELF exam.

The DELF exam is a French qualification issued by the French Ministry of Education which verifies the French language ability of foreign students. If you are looking to obtain an official diploma in French language, whether for professional or personal reasons, the DELF is recognized worldwide. Because the focus in the French DELF exam is on candidates’ communication skills in real situations, the diploma has real-world practical value. CAVILAM is an accredited DELF examination centre, testing in all available DELF levels: DELF A1 and A2 (basic competency in everyday French) and DELF B1 and B2 (intermediate competency: autonomous knowledge of French language and culture and ability to analyze texts in writing and orally).

If you are looking to obtain this official diploma, CAVILAM offers DELF exam preparation as part of its impressive array of French language courses. The DELF tests candidates in four distinct areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Through intensive French immersion courses, CAVILAM ensures that candidates are adequately prepared to be examined in all these areas. And, because it has nearly five decades of experience in teaching French as a foreign language as well as a reputation for innovation in the field, CAVILAM has the expertise and cutting-edge teaching methods to help you excel in your DELF exam preparation.

CAVILAM provides targeted training to help students excel in both the DELF and DALF exams, the latter of which is also catered for and administered at the school. CAVILAM teachers are qualified and experienced language trainers, adept at using the latest teaching methods and materials which enable them to cater to students’ own linguistic needs. In intensive French lessons, the emphasis is on developing communicative skills in authentic situations, so approaches are task-based and interactive to ensure maximal language-learning. For both the DELF and DALF exams, this method is essential.

For those looking for a more advanced qualification, the DALF exam is another level up. This official diploma certifies that the holder’s knowledge of French is extensive, and that he or she is particularly adept at communicating in niche areas, such as Economics and Law, Social Sciences, Health and Life Sciences, and Sciences. CAVILAM offers intensive preparation courses for the DALF as well as administering the examination (both C1 and C2). These courses are offered at various levels, taught one-on-one or in groups, and are specifically designed to develop students’ abilities in areas required for the DALF exam, such as oral and written communication, grammar, subject-specific vocabulary, and civilization.