Prepare learners for the delf

For a language school that helps teachers prepare learners for the DALF, come to CAVILAM.

CAVILAM, one of the largest French language schools in France, had a pioneering role in the development of the DELF and DELF tests, and so it is one of the best sources of information for teachers on how best to prepare learners for the DELF (diplôme d’études en langue française). CAVILAM can equip teachers to help their students excel at the DELF exam at all levels (A1, A2, B1 and B2). As part of CAVILAM’s intensive and super-intensive French courses, according to the exam calendar, the school also runs workshops to prepare learners for the DELF.

CAVILAM also trains teachers to prepare learners for the DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française), which is at a higher level than the DELF. Holding the DALF diploma verifies that your knowledge of French is broad, and that you are also fluent in specialty areas, such as Social Sciences, Sciences and Economics. For both the DELF and DALF, candidates need to demonstrate that they are able to communicate effectively in real, or authentic, situations. Written and oral communication are tested, so to prepare learners for the DALF, teachers need to be able to use integrate exercises such as French listening comprehension tests that are the basis for these examinations.

CAVILAM also conducts preparation courses for the DELF according to the exam schedule, and these are included in the intensive courses run all year round at the school. Teachers at the school are well trained and experienced in using innovative methods of teaching French to students which can maximize their language-learning in a relatively short amount of time. For example, teaching French with francophone TV allows students to learn the language in a dynamic way, using real-world televisual documents. If used as part of a preparation course for the DELF, this method can yield fruitful results, because the examination itself focuses on real communicative situations, using authentic documents.

The intensive workshops, of which preparation courses for the DALF are a part, can be run in groups, one-on-one or as a combination of the both. Areas covered include oral communication, written communication, grammar, vocabulary and civilization. The opportunities that CAVILAM offers to take French immersion courses in France are conducive to the last of these areas in particular, because immersing oneself in the French culture and studying the language in France create a unique understanding of French civilization. It is this that sets CAVILAM’s preparation courses for the DALF apart from other courses.


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