Total immersion courses in france

Want the best French immersion courses in France? Come to CAVILAM language school in Vichy.

CAVILAM is a pioneering French language school in Vichy that offers a range of highly-effective total immersion courses in France. There’s no better way to learn French or improve your French linguistic skills quickly and effectively than by immersing yourself in the culture and environment of the language. And CAVILAM offers the best French immersion courses in France! The school’s total immersion courses in France include home-stay accommodation options, intensive language lessons, and one-on-on training time with an experienced French teacher should you require it. Practice your French in real situations in the historically famous spa town of Vichy.

For the best French immersion courses in France, consider CAVILAM for its renown as a pioneer in its approach to teaching French as a foreign language. With a range of options available to students, including French immersion courses in France for families, children, teenagers or adults, the school can cater to all your learning needs. In our range of intensive and super-intensive programs, you can study in groups, one-on-one or both. Should you require it, CAVILAM also offers intensive one-on-one lessons tailored to a specific learning goal of yours. This is just one reason why CAVILAM offers the best French immersion courses in France.

Nearly 4000 students from all over the world come to Vichy each year to take one of CAVILAM’s immersion courses in France. They recognise that the school offers its students a very special learning environment and a tried and tested approach. Some also come for the combined work and study opportunities that the school provides, for example jobs at its summer camps in France. If the sound of employment opportunities that also offer language improvement and cultural interaction appeals to you, then think seriously about getting in touch with CAVILAM. You may find that, besides its renowned immersion courses in France, it may have much more to offer you.


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