French delf

Do you need to take the French DELF exams? Let CAVILAM help you in your preparation.

The French DELF exam is for anyone looking to get an official qualification issued by the French Ministry of Education verifying their French language ability. Whether you would like the diploma for personal or professional reasons, CAVILAM language school can help you prepare for and take the DELF test. CAVILAM is a non-profit French language school located in beautiful surrounds in Vichy. Open all year round, almost 4000 students come to CAVILAM from more than 110 different countries around the world every year, many of whom come to learn for and take the French DELF test.

The French DELF exams assess communicative skills in real circumstances, using authentic documents and situations to test candidates’ abilities. CAVILAM French language school has a reputation for its innovative approach to language-learning. CAVILAM teachers are equipped with the latest training methods and materials, enabling them to tailor programs to the linguistic needs of their students to maximize their learning and prepare learners for the DELF. Teaching programs involve the use of authentic documents, interactivity and task-based approaches. With such opportunities available to you, your preparation for the French DELF exams is sure to be smooth.

Besides helping you with your French DELF preparation, CAVILAM also offers you the opportunity to take the examination on campus. The school is an accredited examination centre for the DELF and DALF exam, as well as for the TEF and TCF tests. Besides CAVILAM’s qualified and experienced teachers, the school offers its learners the best state of the art equipment, a multimedia resource centre and free wifi across the campus, ensuring that all the technological support they need for their learning and French DELF preparation needs. For an unforgettable French learning experience in an authentic French setting, the renowned CAVILAM language school is hard to beat.


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