Intensive french courses in france

Looking for an intensive French language program? CAVILAM has a range of courses to offer you.

If you’re looking for intensive French language lessons, CAVILAM language school provides a number of excellent choices for you. At CAVILAM you can take French language courses in Vichy, France, famous since ancient times as a spa town. Thousands of students from all over the world come to the school every year for its innovative approach to teaching French as a foreign language, which involves a combination of quality teaching and current technologies. Over as short a period as a week, CAVILAM’s intensive French language courses can help you learn or improve your French.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced student in French, CAVILAM can cater to your learning needs in one of its intensive French language programs. Students are streamed into groups corresponding to their level, enabling them to progress at their own speed. Those looking to sit for the French DELF exams and other official tests can also prepare and write the exams during their courses. And, if you require one-on-one tuition, CAVILAM can provide this by itself or in combination with group teaching as part of its super intensive French language program.

CAVILAM is an intensive French language school which aims to maximize its students’ language-learning over relatively short periods of time. As part of this approach, it offers a range of more specialized courses for those who require them, such as summer courses to help students learn French for universities, and courses that combine French lessons with recreational activities, like French gourmet cuisine, five-star spa treatments or golf. The French language school’s intensive summer programs also include linguistic skill development in specialty areas like medical and legal French, and French for the hotel and tourist industry.


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