Teaching french in france

If you are interested in teaching French to young learners, CAVILAM language school has courses to hone your skills.

CAVILAM language school has an exciting array of courses in France on teaching French as a foreign language for teachers from around the world who wish to improve their language-teaching skills or to discover new methodologies and ideas. If you are an education professional or teacher of French abroad, CAVILAM’s range of intensive French courses for adults in France, including degree and certificate programs, can help you develop dynamic skills for teaching French. These include teaching French to young learners and teenagers, using the internet as a teaching resource, and integrating multimedia into your classroom. If you’re looking for a course in France on teaching French, consider CAVILAM’s options seriously.

For those who are teaching French to young learners, or who are interested in doing so, CAVILAM’s course, Teach French to children aged 7 to 10 years, provides a good balance between theory and practice. Using specially designed scenarios, teachers learn how to manage their daily classroom, develop their approaches and classroom practices, as well as hone their knowledge of tools and resources for early learning and teaching of French to young learners. With many years of experience, as well as the fact that the school offers French immersion courses in France for children, CAVILAM understands the needs of teachers who focus on early learning.

The school also caters for teachers wishing to develop their skills in teaching French with francophone TV and using various media to teach French in the classroom. CAVILAM offers two courses in this innovative pedagogical approach: a more general course equipping teachers to learn and teach using French media (TV5Monde, RFI, Canal Académie…) and a more specialized program for learning and teaching with TV5MONDE and video, which is led by professors in collaboration with TV5MONDE CAVILAM. Discover ways to identify, retrieve, and integrate media documents into your classroom practices. Remember, too, that teaching French with francophone TV uses the kinds of authentic materials that help develop students’ real-world communicative skills – an essential part of French DELF preparation.


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