French language exam

Do you wish to find effective intensive French language exam courses? Come to CAVILAM in Vichy.

CAVILAM language school gives you the opportunity to prepare for and take the top French language exams. Every year, nearly 4000 students from over 110 countries come to the school in Vichy to improve their French and prepare for specific examinations, like the DALF diploma in French language or the DELF. Surrounded by an authentic French region, and sometimes in an immersive French environment, learners hone their skills with a combination of real-world practice and intensive training. As an accredited examination centre for the DELF, DALF, TCF, TCF/DAP, and TEF level tests, CAVILAM offers you the chance to take the French language exam of your choice.

CAVILAM incorporates French language exam courses into its year-round intensive and super-intensive language programs. According to the examination calendar, students can work systematically to improve their skills in all the areas necessary to excel in the language tests, including oral communication, written communication, grammar, vocabulary and civilization. Whatever the test, CAVILAM can provide you with focused preparation to meet its requirements. It is also important to remember that CAVILAM doesn’t only offer French language exam courses, its wide range of programs also includes training for teachers of French, generally or in niches such as teaching French to young learners.

In helping students attain French language diplomas, the CAVILAM school uses the innovative approach for which it has earned a reputation. Teachers incorporate real documents and authentic situations into classes, often utilizing the French media and television as teaching aids. This same innovative mindset has given rise to a range of inventive and unusual language programs, such as the French summer camps for teenagers that the school organizes in cooperation with Vichy Stages. Innovation and effectiveness are some of the hallmarks of a CAVILAM course, whether it is aimed at helping students earn a French language diploma or attain a more nebulous end.


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