Diploma in french language

Do you need the DALF diploma in French language? Let CAVILAM help you prepare.

An official diploma in French language can be incredibly beneficial to those wishing to study in France, teach French, or move to a francophone country. As an institution with nearly five decades’ of experience in teaching French as a foreign language and an accredited examination centre, CAVILAM provides students with the opportunity to earn various diplomas in French language, from the DELF to the TEF. Preparation is incorporated into the school’s range of intensive French courses for adults which are targeted to improve students’ linguistic skills systematically, whether they come to CAVILAM as complete beginners or advanced learners of French.

Students at CAVILAM have the opportunity to sit for the following official diplomas at the school: the TCF (for foreign students wishing to study at French universities), TCF/DAP, TEF (an evaluation test in general written and oral French and, recognized worldwide, is useful for recruitment, further education and international mobility), DELF and DALF diploma in French language. One of the best ways to prepare for these examinations is to benefit from the immersive experience of a French language course in France. Surrounded by French language and culture, you can develop the linguistic skills necessary for a diploma in French language like the DALF.

Besides providing the support and opportunity for a diploma in French language studies, CAVILAM also offers a range of innovative language programs, in keeping with its renown as a language-learning pioneer. These include training teachers to use multimedia in French lessons, a number of summer camps in France for teenagers run in conjunction with Vichy Stages, and creating innovative teaching materials that are distributed worldwide, especially in partnership with TV5MONDE. Furthermore, in addition to a diploma in French language studies, more advanced students may even earn a Master’s degree in French as a foreign language.


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