French listening comprehension

Are you looking to get some French listening comprehension practice? CAVILAM’s intensive French lessons can provide this and more!

Nearly 4000 students come to CAVILAM language school each year from all over the world to improve their French linguistic skills, including their French listening comprehension. CAVILAM’s French immersion courses in France for adults combine an authentic French environment with targeted theme-based workshops, working systematically to improve students’ French in all fields, written and oral. In as little as a week of intensive work (26 language lessons of 45 minutes per week) at the CAVILAM campus in the famous town of Vichy, students can practise and make impressive progress in fields such as French listening comprehension.

With classes available in groups or one-on-one, or a combination of both, CAVILAM courses provide students with ample opportunity for French listening comprehension practice. Because classes are streamed at the start of the course, learners can be sure that they are getting the right learning experience for their linguistic level. In groups, students can practise their oral communication with others who are at the same linguistic stage as themselves. For those wanting to receive some kind of French language diploma, such as the DALF and DELF, French listening comprehension practice is vital, because examinations include oral communicative tests.

Thoroughly qualified and experienced teachers work, sometimes through French listening comprehension tests, to ensure that all students improve their linguistic skills effectively, whether they are complete beginners learning the language for the first time, or advanced students wishing for ongoing improvement. CAVILAM courses prepare learners for the DALF and DELF, but they also do much more than this. For those wishing to hone their linguistic skills in a niche area, such as French for business or the tourism industry, for example, tailor-made courses can be organized. If you’re looking for the most valuable French listening comprehension tests, CAVILAM’s experience and versatility make them your language school of choice.


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