Delf test

Are you looking for assistance in your DELF preparation? CAVILAM caters to your language training needs.

If you are seeking to take the DELF test (diplôme d’études en langue française), a CAVILAM French course will provide you with just the linguistic grounding you need. At CAVILAM, we offer intensive French language programs, one-on-one or in group classes and workshops. Designed with specific needs in mind, these courses will hone your skills in oral and written communication, grammar and vocabulary: just the preparation you need to excel in the DELF test, which comprises four tests assessing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

If you need help with your DELF preparation, CAVILAM is your ideal solution. Renowned for its innovative approach to teaching French as a foreign language, CAVILAM offers a year-round program of French language courses that can be specifically created to meet your individual requirements, including preparation courses for the DELF examinations. Whether you desire the qualification for personal or professional reasons, CAVILAM offers you the chance to conduct your DELF preparation close to the beautiful spa town of Vichy, a truly French setting that also offers ideal opportunities to practise your French communicative skills in real situations.

All year round CAVILAM offers DELF test preparation according to the examination dates. CAVILAM is also an accredited examination centre for the DELF and DALF exams, as well as TEF and TCF level tests. Staffed by dedicated and experienced teachers who are proficient in the latest teaching methods and materials, the school can offer DELF test preparation as part of its various (and customizable) French training programs. With almost 4000 students from around the world coming to study at the school every year, CAVILAM teachers are particularly suited to improving skills required for this official diploma.

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